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I am currently writing a Stress Management course, but this may take some time to complete as it is a considerable subject to cover. On this page I have links to some of the best products that I used to help me with my Stress Management practice.

Sound Therapy is wonderful. The Silent Mind Singing Bowl set is one of the best. This is best used at any time you feel yourself becoming stressed, or simply want to tune in to some quiet time. It is aesthetically pleasing as well as providing a powerful and relaxing sound.

The Homedics is simply wonderful for sleep with a combination of relaxing sounds and white noise. The number one symptom with stress is am issue with sleep. It was for me. I had tried so many different things and this was the best as it stopped my mind from spiraling out of control when I was trying to sleep.


Wherever you go, there you are is a super book that teaches you about being rather than doing. It acts as a reminder from day to day for you to be mindful and present. Most of my daily practice in managing stress involves mindfulness but I have found that books on this subject specifically tend to loop round over and over covering the same subject. I feel that this book gets to the point but is powerful in its message

Dale Carnegie was way ahead of his time with most of his books. How to stop worrying and start living is a little gem and I love his writing style. You truly feel as if he is talking to you as well as understanding what it is like to worry and fret.

Look up 'Think and grow Rich' also if money worries are part of your stress. This is a classic book by Carnegie


One of the nasty symptoms of stress is stiff, tight muscles. Over time this can create a lot of discomfort. Not everyone can afford regular massage sessions, so here are two wonderful alternatives to suit your budget.

The Pure Wave is a real luxury. No straining to massage your muscles with your own power, simply charge and use. The highest setting gives a good, strong massage and the lower settings for those of you who prefer a gentler massage.

The Wahl is a lower budget massager but still very effective if you cannot afford the Pure Wave. At a price that most people can afford, the Wahl will give your muscles a real treat with its variable speed and four power heads



Jan Barley 2011