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Many people dream of being able to connect to their spirit guide but are not sure where to start. Perhaps you are confused as to what a spirit guide will bring in to your life. What can one expect? How much help will a spirit guide give? How do you know who your guide is and how do you make the connection? What is a power animal and how do you access his help? How do you know that it isn't your imagination? How do you know if your guides and power animals are real?

All of these questions will be answered and more in the 'Connect to your spirit guide & power animal' handbook . When you have your guides and power animal in your life you will never feel alone. You receive clear guidance for your present and future and connect to an infinite source of wisdom. The relationship will span the rest of your life, helping you to make day to day decisions, armed with the knowledge that, whatever happens, you are walking on the right path.

Everyone has a spirit guide, but not everyone is connected to them and, of course, not everyone wants to. When you first make contact with your spirit guide, it is a very special occasion. You may feel humbled and emotional. Your guide may have a soul link with you that has spanned many lives, or he may be new to you in this lifetime.

Learning how to connect to your spirit guides is easy. All you need is an open mind and the intention to want to do it. That, armed with the tools that I will provide, you will soon be on your way to building your relationship with your new friend and advisor.

During your lifetime, you may have one or many power animals. Sometimes they travel with you in synch with your current issues and life experiences. To be powerful, a power animal does not have to be a stunning beast like a wolf or a bear. Indeed, the tiny mouse is one of the most powerful animals in the spirit realm that can be. He knows how to survive and how to make the best of every situation.

Learning to connect to your power animal involves a simple shamanic ritual to travel to the underworld where he will make himself known to you. Once you know who he is, it is important that you honour him. Collect pictures, ornaments, posters, or even his fur if you can - anything that reminds you of his presence.

You will travel to meet and be introduced to your power animal, who may give you his message as to how he will work with you towards your future and guide you to your life's path and purpose.


How to create your own special place for first connection
How to prepare for the connection
Shamanic rituals, herbs & instruments that can help
How to connect with your spirit guide
How your spirit guide may connect to you
How you will receive guidance
Which way you personally will connect to your guide
What your spirit guide can and cannot do
How to recognise false guidance - whether it is your mind or your guide
How to build the relationship with your guide
How to strengthen you aura & create a magic skin
How to use sound & colour to cleanse & prepare
How to have a written discussion with your guide
How to make a connection to your power animal
How your power animal can help you & what they bring to your life
Typical power animals
Why your particular animal has chosen you
And much more .....

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