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Are you ready to expand your spiritual experience?

At the heart of Shamanism is the desire to create wholeness. The Shaman connects to Mother Earth and all that she has to offer. Training as a Shamanic Practitioner will deepen your healing abilities. This has been found to be especially useful in developing a deeper connection to horses.
This accredited four module course for Shamanic Practitioner traiming is as much about your own personal development as well as preparing to work with clients.

The Shamanic Practitioner is a deeply exciting course packed full of knowledge and tools to help you to start your practice..

This Course will teach you the core fundamental steps to Shamanic practice. It will be a journey of personal growth and expansion.

You will learn sacred ceremonies and ritual, which will enable you to start an individual practice as a Shamanic Practitioner. Or you can add your qualification to your existing therapies for clients. Soul retrieval is currently of great interest to many people. As stress levels are at their highest, people are struggling to find wholeness and balance in their lives.

Monthly payment options available ~ see below

Founded on your tutors experience as a Shamanic Practitioner since April 2005, the course provides a fantastic range of ritual and ceremony for you to work with. It will enhance your life as you seek to connect to Mother Earth and share the secrets of nature with her. As the Shaman's job is to create wholeness, the planned outcome for this course is that you, as a person, will feel more whole. Armed with a sense of completeness and balance you will be able to help others to find wholeness.

Once qualified, you will be able to gain insurance and add Shamanic Practitioner to your therapies.

Module One
What is Shamanism?
Duties of a Shaman
The Aura
The Physical Plane
The Medicine Wheel
The Directions
The Shamanic Circle
Casting a circle
Grounding and centring
Calling the four directions
Raising the energy
Sending out medicine power
Thanking the spirits and closing the circle
A typical casting
Module Three
Plant Spirit Medicine
Tree Spirit Medicine
Power objects and totems
The Medicine Bag
Creating an altar
Shamanic healing with a drum and rattle
Your own shamanic tools
Healing Sound
The Lunar Cycle
Seasonal Cycles
Module Two
Shamans Dance
Protection of the Aura
Renewing your energy
Clearing and aligning environmental energy
Negative Energy
Energy Shards
Earth Medicine
Module Four
Spirit Guides
Power Animals
Power Animal journey
Soul Loss
Soul Retrieval
Returning the soul parts
Recommended Books, Music & CD’s

Full payment is £165.00 and delivered immediately by digital download

Six subscriptions of £30.00 per month
{Total cost £180.00}
Allow approximately 48 hours for delivery {Monday - Friday} Allow for weekend

Jan Barley 2011