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NLP {Neuro Linguistic Programming} is a very powerful process

Neuro Linguistic Programming works by tapping in to the resources of the brain and confusing them. Yes, that sounds simplistic but that is, in my opinion, the crux of NLP.

For instance, I have worked a lot with fear issues. One bike rider had experienced a fall on the road where he was unconscious for thirty minutes and then rushed to hostpital. A cyclist of some forty years, Julian had always been a confident bike rider. But, now he was scared to get on his bike. After only one session with me, using a method called SWISH, he admitted that he felt different right away. The next time he went out on his bike he could literally feel no fear. That was several years ago and he has been riding his bike happily every day since then.

I have worked with horse riders, bike riders, businessmen and women, sports people and many more and for a wide variety of issues.

In my capacity as a Positive Mentoring Coach, I will often use NLP to help people make the mental shift to inaugaurate changes. Please visit the coaching page by clicking on the link in the menu bar above for more details.

Jan Barley 2011