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This in-depth Accredited Meditation Teacher Course is accredited with the CMA which has been awarded 9 CPD points. The course will teach you the fundamental steps to begin your own meditation practice, including typical relaxation programs for running classes for private or corporate clients.

Meditation works by lowering the brain wave frequencies. During your normal waking state, your brainwaves will operate between 14 - 30Hz. During stress, this may rise to over 30Hz at which point the brain builds to a considerable state of overwhelm, incapable of proper, rational function.

With today's rising levels of stress, a vast majority of people will be experiencing brain brain lateralization which means that the left and right hemisphere are in constant conflict with each other. This is an uncomfortable way to be as notably the inner critical voice will be attempting to dominate with, what feels like, the aim of taking control. When you meditate regularly, the left and right brain gradually begin to come into balance called brain synchronization - at this point, you are in a state of calm and capable of rational and creative thought. The negative inner voice calms and your life will feel much more balanced and positive.

As a Meditation Teacher, you are going to be able to significantly help people to access calmer states of being simply by teaching them simple meditation techniques and then by encouraging them to persevere with long term meditation to further enhance their lives. The science behind meditation is grounded on the understanding of what happens to the brain during meditation and, in this course, this is something that you will learn and become confident of talking about to potential clients.

You will learn how to create a typical meditation/relaxation session and, during the assignments you will be actively working on setting up your first class. By the end of the course, you will have gained the necessary skills and confidence to be able to undertake private and corporate sessions depending on your aims and desires for your meditation practice.

I don't know any meditations, do you supply any for me to get started?
Yes, the course includes 12 meditations that I have created and used regularly with clients. Over time you will develop the confidence to write some of your own but it isn't vital if you can't. The meditations that are provided in the course are powerful and effective.

" The course is in-depth and pleasantly challenging" Jo Haywood - Bristol


Module One

My passion and aims
Learning outcomes
Before you begin
What is meditation
The benefits of meditation
How the brain waves work in relation to meditation
How often to meditate
Different meditation techniques
Creating a suitable environment
Breathing {with four exercises}
Additional aids for meditation

Module Two

Working with the cycles of the moon
The chakras
Using sound to cleanse the chakras
Chanting and mantras
Keeping a journal
Protection of the aura
Renewing your energy
Health & contact forms



Each module will increase the stages of your learning, so that you soon begin to be able to put together a meditation session or class without having to think too hard about it

By the end of module 2, you will already feel comfortable about seeking a venue and approaching people for a trial class.


Module Three

Lesson plans
Points to consider
warming up before a session
The meditations {8}
Chanting and mantras
Meeting your power animal
Typical power animals
Archangel Angel meditations {4}

Module four

Starting up
The first session
Corporate meditation
Where to look for corporate clients
Continual Professional Development
Assignments {with case studies}


The course is packed full of vital information necessary to get you started as a meditation teacher.

There are four modules with in-depth assignments including practical tasks to enable you to get started as soon as possible.

Three case studies of three sessions of meditation will be required - one group session {2+ people} and two individual sessions.

You will have full tutor unlimited email support

Note: your course can be delivered by email or by hard copy.
Payments are taken via Paypal or cheques accepted
{contact for details}

Online 4 module version delivered by instant download £165.00

Six subscriptions of £30.00 per month
{Total cost £180.00}
Allow approximately 48 hours for delivery {Monday - Friday} Allow for weekend


I have just completed the "Meditation Teacher" program. I was looking for a course that would spark my interest and this was definitely it. It has been both challenging and fulfilling, with practical exercises and theory that have taught me so much about myself as well as the subject. A fascinating course, that has inspired me to teach others.
Dawn Lyden – Veterinary Nurse

I am halfway through the Meditation Teacher course. I was surprised how thorough it is and am already feeling really confident that I will know what to do once I am qualified! At times it has been challenging in that it really makes you think and I have learned a lot about myself already. Overall, I am really enjoying it Jan and am really looking forward to finishing and getting started. Thanks
Julie M Bristol

Wow! It's been fantastic! I have never enjoyed a course so much. Jan's feedback was excellent, she really inspired and motivated me and I honestly feel a much better person for doing this course. It has helped my own meditation practice and, with Jan's help, I have found the courage to contact the company my husband works for and they have agreed to a taster session in November! I am very nervous but know that I can do it.

The course, and Jan, have really boosted my confidence because it wasn't one of those easy courses where the answers are all in the textbook. I did one of those last year for meditation and didn't feel like I had really learned anything. With this course, you have to think about the process and as some of the assignments are tasks that you would have to do to start your practice, this has been great having the backing and support of your teacher when you get scared, which for me was quite a few times :-).

I will definitely be back to do the stress management course when you have completed it. Thank you so so much
Samantha - mum, returning to the workplace

Jan Barley 2011