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Marketing in the past, appeared to be part of a secret society, the facts unknown to the masses and only experts having access to the hidden knowledge. In truth, good marketing has its foundations in logical thinking and a healthy portion of common sense. Marketing need not be expensive either. There are many marketing applications that can be put into action at low cost or even no cost!

Once you have found the aspects of marketing that work for you, it will be relatively easy for you to take the steps necessary to get your business off the ground, up and running and attracting clients to you.

This wonderful, informative handbook covers a wide range of potential marketing secrets and also such topics as the top 13 marketing mistakes. Knowing what you are doing wrong is as important as knowing the right things to do.

The handbook covers a section on temperament theory. This not only helps you to understand the way you tick and what your key strengths are, but it also guides you to plan your marketing for your target market. If you write the copy that does not appeal to the mass target market, you will fail to capture their interest. Know what is important to them and appeal to their core interests.

The Marketing for Therapists handbook is useful for any business as well as for therapists.

The handbook has been voted an average four star by 100 selected therapist test readers.



Whats in the book?

Marketing – what is it?
A little about me
The top 13 Marketing mistakes
Defining you and your goals
What does success look like to you?
What might you have to give up?
Creating your niche
Goal setting
Setting goals from a spiritual angle
Know your business
Forming alliances
About the client
Decide on your model client
Be a role model to your clients
Building rapport
Personality types {Temperament Theory}
Getting known locally
Offer taster sessions to people of influence
Media preparation
Writing your own copy
What’s next – preparing copy
Public relations
Advertising – magazines & newspapers
Leaflets, flyers & business cards
Online marketing
Writing a book, EBook or articles
Getting yourself out there
Ways to entice customers to you
Other resources
Conclusion - checklist



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