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The great secret of manifestation! I will be honest and tell you that I struggled with this for a VERY long time. I could not believe that it was as simple as asking for what you want and then getting it. I wrote out many affirmations every single day for many months and not one thing came true. The truth is that writing down that I had £1,000,000 in the bank was plain silly. My subconscious mind was always asking. 'Have you checked your bank account lately?' with the usual derisive sarcasm that is the modus operandi of the inner critic.

No matter what I did, and how positively I did it, or wrote it, I still struggled every single day. I admit to some envy when people said that it worked for them and that, magically, they suddenly doubled their salary or met the love of their life or sold a book or so on. No way, it wasn't happening for me and that was that. I had to accept it because you know the definition of madness is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Yep, I was experiencing madness, that's for sure.

I almost got it once. I signed up for a 40 mile cross country mountain bike sportive. Just before the start, I was admiring a pink cycling jacket on a trade stand. I recall thinking that I would love it but then promptly forgot about it. It was a horrendous bike ride with 7500 feet of climbing.


Six hours later, my fiance came off on a road and tore his leg to bits and I somersaulted on some concrete and tore my rotator cuff. We got back to the start and all the other competitors had gone. There was just a few organisers about and the kitchen managed to rustle us up some chilli with a jacket potato. Sitting on the steps, in the sun, one of the organisers walked towards me and handed me something. He said 'I want you to have this'. It was the pink jacket. It wasn't a cheap jacket so I asked him why he was giving it to me. He looked a little confused and said, 'I don't know!'

You would think I would get it after that wouldn't you. Ask for what you want and leave it to the universe to provide. But no, within a few months I was struggling with the concept again.

But, thankfully, I discovered some secret powers. I started using Noah St John's theory of afformations. This is simply asking yourself the positive why questions. For example, 'why does money flow to me so easily' and 'why do I feel so passionate and focused about my business'.


From my year long study of the brain, I know that it does not know the difference between fact and fiction. It only knows what we provide it with. When you ask a 'why' question, the brain has a duty, calling, commitment, necessity to get an answer. It seems crazy, but within days, I felt so much better and somehow I seemed to have more money coming in and I DID feel passionate about starting a new business and I got highly focused on it.

The book is easy to follow and has lots of 'done for you' afformations. Though, I would advise that you create some of your own. He suggests, for maximum effect, that you write them down, read them, say them out loud and listen to them. It is still fairly early days for me, a matter of weeks at this time of writing. But, already, I feel much better. When I have a moment where I feel low. I force myself to think and say out loud some positive afformations.

I also love The Teachings of Abraham. Recorded on a cruise training, it is full of humour as well as the excellent concepts for manifestation.

I will, at some point, be writing an e-course on positive manifestation. But, all I would say for now is to get into the habit of the positive why questions and then let me know how you get along.

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