reiki for horses, meditation teacher, shamanic practitioner
Are you already a healer that has dreamed of being a horse healer?

Acquiring the in-depth knowledge to get started as a horse healer is vital to your success . The quality of your healing sessions will depend on many factors, not least of all how to gain cooperation and compliance from the horse owners in managing changes that may be needed after the session.
From planning a session to the legalities of your practice, every single thing is covered in this fantastic tutor led course.

This intensive three module course will ensure that you progress forward to get your Healing Horses practice started.

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Testimonial ~ Reiki for Horses practitioner course
"I have just completed Jan’s distance course in Reiki Healing for Horses. I have enjoyed every moment of it. The notes provided were clear, concise and fascinating and the set books were each inspirational in their own way. On completing each module, I couldn't’t wait for the next to arrive. At the end of each of the three modules, I had an hour long telephone conversation with Jan. {note from tutor: Client paid for coaching package with the course}

At all times she has been motivating, encouraging and has really improved my self-esteem. Throughout my work on 30 hours of case studies, she was there to help, via telephone or e-mail, if there was something that I was not sure about and really made everything seem very logical and simple. It was a pleasure to meet with her face-to-face at the end of the course and to treat one of her own horses. She has been an inspiration to me and I am much looking forward to working with her again by enrolling for another of her courses in the future."
Christine Marshall


This is the Reiki for Horses bible for any healer that aspires to work with horses. Your tutor, Jan, has over 25 years experience as a horse healer. This EBook is a low cost alternative to the distance learning course. It provides a comprehensive foundation in developing your key abilities to work as a horse healer.
It's fun, it's informative and you will love it!

You may be drawn towards working with horses in a healing capacity and love the idea of developing the bond and connection with these wonderful creatures, whilst perhaps earning a living at the same time.

You will find all of the answers that you need in this in-depth E-book. Covering every single aspect of working with horses in a healing capacity, you will soon feel confident enough to start working with your first horses. This book sells successfully throughout the World and is also available
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For the curious or for those that simply want to work with their own horses. This book offers a step by step guide to healing your own horse. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that being able to offer healing to your horse will develop your bond and connection to him.

Most owners report that their horse becomes more affectionate and sometimes calmer. Healing allows your horse to let go of the issues that he may be carrying from his past and enables YOU to be the one that helps him.

It's easier than you think and, even for those with no healing experience, you will learn how to channel the universal energy in a safe and effective way that will help you and your horse.

With straight-forward easy to follow guidance, you will soon learn how easy it is to connect to your horse in this amazing and wonderful way.

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Jan Barley 2011