Horses enjoy healing and it is rewarding for us to work with them in this way.

For sure, working with healing energy can impact positively on your relationship with your horse. You will find that it will deepen the bond and the connection between you. Your horse may become calmer and let go of any issues he may have been carrying from his past.

Despite having little or no experience of healing, you will be surprised how easy it is to connect to the universal energy and channel healing to your horse. You will see the signs from him of deep relaxation and, upon completion, will discover that you feel uniquely relaxed also. This is because as you channel the healing energy, you are also receiving healing energy.

In time, your horse will start to seek out healing from you and he will greatly enjoy your relaxing sessions together. Indeed, you may find other horses in the vicinity start asking for healing from you also.

I believe that everyone has the ability to heal, there is no one special gift that we are born with {although for some it is clear that they can access healing energy from an early age} All is takes is a little faith in yourself and trust in the healing process.





In this delightfully easy to follow workbook, you will learn everything that you need to know to get started with healing your own horse and also horses that cross your path in the future.

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Payments are taken via Paypal The E-book is in PDF format which is easily downloadable. Once paid for you will be sent a link and within minutes you will be able to download your handbook and print if off if you wish

Whats in the book?      
My story
Where do you start
How energy works
Working with the chakras
Self healing session
Healing session with your horse
Hand positions
Visual signs of healing
Things you may experience
How long to give healing
Ending a session
Clearing the horse
Clearing yourself
Protection techniques
What to do if your horse resists
Your horse wont accept healing from you
When not to give healing
Positive thinking
Increasing your confidence & skills
Area of strengths & weaknesses
A word on Native American Indian philosophy
Your future
Frequently asked questions
Extra notes
Jan Barley 2011