What happens during a Reiki for Horses healing session?
The first thing that occurs is that you make a healing connection with the horse. At that point the horse links with your energy and the process becomes, what can only be described as, magical. The horse begins to let go of issues that he may be holding on to and you move around him, intuitively knowing where your hands need to be. For 30 - 60 minutes you have created this incredible healing dance. If the owner is present, and you have learned how to involve him or her in the session, they too will be part of this dance. At the end of the session, the horse will have deepened his bond with you and his owner and you will have guided the relationship to a better depth of understanding and respect.

That is what you are aiming for and that is what you will learn from this incredible Reiki for Horses course!

The three module fully accredited course will take you from complete rookie to professional understanding. It is accredited with 9 CPD points with The Complementary Medical Association
You will gain:-

  • The confidence to start your practice ·
  • Full knowledge of initiating and completing a healing session
  • How to handle difficulties when they arise
  • How to develop telepathic skills with the horse
  • Connecting on a soul level
  • The type of clients you may expect to meet
  • Greater interpersonal skills - understanding of the character types and how best to conduct a session
  • Greater awareness of your own temperament, identifying and building on strengths and weaknesses
  • A toolbox of healing techniques, which I have adapted over the years
  • Marketing skills for the alternative therapy field
  • Full understanding of the legalities involved in a horse healing practice
  • You are taught to work on a highly intuitive level
  • And more …





About Healing Horses
How energy works
Chakras & their meanings
Opening & Closing your chakras
Opening to the healing channel
Pre session preparation 
Asking for a higher connection
Soul connection

People study


Hand positions
How long to give healing
Visual signs of healing

When to give healing
When not to give healing
How many sessions
Ending the session
Clearing the horse
Clearing yourself
Things you may experience during the session
What to do if the horse is resisting
What to do if your own horse will not accept healing from you
Listening to the horse
Psychic impressions
Aggressive horses
Working with rescue animals
Psychic Protection
Recap on Module Two
Advanced Techniques for Increasing Energy
Developing Confidence
Positive Thinking
Spirit Guides & Spirit Animals
Distance Healing Communication
Looking after yourself
Temperament Theory
How this knowledge can help you
Effective Communication With Owners
Other complementary therapies
UK Veterinary Act
Paperwork & Accounting
Marketing your practice




  • Option of ongoing monthly motivational coaching/mentoring at reduced student rates {see coaching}
  • Ongoing email support
  • Tutor assessment of your 30 hours case studies
  • Optional 1.5 hour visit to tutor for assessment with horse, on or near completion of training at a cost of £75.00
  • Accredited Certification for 'Reiki for Horses' upon satisfactory completion
  • FREE entry in the Healing Horses directory for the first year - worth £35.00 per annum including free entry into www.equinepractitioners.co.uk
  • Included FREE 'Marketing for Therapists' handbook worth £24.95 {sent after purchase}
  • Included FREE Understanding Equine E-book worth £15.95 {sent after purchase}

Full payment is £165.00
and delivered immediately by digital download

Six subscriptions of £30.00 per month
{Total cost £180.00}
Allow approximately 48 hours for delivery {Monday - Friday} Allow for weekend

Payments are taken via Paypal


If you prefer to pay by cheque please email me at info@janbarley.co.uk

You will be emailed with simple download instructions shortly after purchasing

The course is delivered in PDF format. Most PC's have Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader as standard.
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