Would you love to be able to communicate with animals easily?

In this in-depth three module Animal Communication Diploma course, you will discover for yourself how easy it is to access the ancient wisdom that is buried deep within us all. This inner wisdom that enables you to communicate telepathically with other species simply needs to be unleashed. The diploma course is packed full of tips, tools and fascinating stories, you will quickly want to put your newly acquired skill into action with the animals and birds around you.

You will gain:

  • The confidence to communicate with animals
  • How to communicate with your own animals
  • Full knowledge of initiating and completing a communication session
  • How to handle difficulties when they arise
  • How to easily develop your telepathic skills
  • The type of clients and animals you may expect to meet
  • Greater interpersonal skills - understanding of the character types and how best to conduct a session
  • Greater awareness of your own temperament, identifying and building on strengths and weaknesses
  • A toolbox of animal communication techniques, which I have adapted over the years
  • Marketing skills for the alternative therapy field
  • How to help an animal transition through life
  • An understanding of how your skills may develop long term
  • Full understanding of the legalities involved......... And much more ..........


Being able to communicate with animals opens up a new and exciting world of possibilities, particularly with your own animals. You will know what your animal wants and needs which will massively deepen the loving bond between you. Animals will, once they know you are 'tuned in' will gravitate towards you. You will be able to help animals to transition to the other side and guide them through illness, understanding what they need from you to help them recover.

Being able to communicate with animals will allow you to commune with birds, insects and reptiles as well as warm blooded animals. The communication bridges any language differences, which means that you can talk to animals in any country, anywhere.

Read stories of wild bird communication, animals helped to transition to the other side, pulling animals back from the brink of death to regain full health and other warm-hearted stories of animal communication that will touch your soul. Animals are waiting for us to wake up and start communication with them. End your struggles, wondering what an animal wants or needs from you.

Once you have opened the ancient connection of inner wisdom, you will never look back. Your life will never be the same!





  • Option of ongoing monthly motivational coaching/mentoring at reduced student rates {see coaching}
  • Ongoing email support
  • Tutor assessment of your work & ongoing guidance
  • Included FREE Marketing your practice E-book worth £19.95

The course is in PDF format which is easily downloadable. Once paid for you will be sent a link with a password and username. Within minutes you will be able to download your diploma course and print if off as you wish


Full payment is £125.00 and delivered immediately by download

Four payments of £35.00 per month
{Total cost £140.00}
Allow approximately 48 hours for delivery {Monday - Friday} Allow for weekend


    Whats in the course ?
Expectations of self
Letting go of the ego
Self doubt
How do you communicate?
Vocalor telepathic
Thoughts & feelings
Physical sensations
Opening to communication channels
Internal talk
Reasons for difficulties
Quick word association
Sending/receiving images
Colour/fruit exercise
Photographic work
Asking for help - spirit guides & animals
How do we know animal is listening
Visual indications
Asking and animal to stop an undesirable behaviour
Day to day discussion
Beinf fair
Mutual respect
Communication as healing
Life changing decisions
Reading suggestions


Advanced techniques for increasing energy
Developing confidence
Positive thinking
Distance communication
Looking after yourself
Temperament theory
Understanding temperament types
Effective communication with owners
Other complementary therapies
UK Veterinary Act
paperwork & Accounting
Marketing your practice
Continual professional development
Jan Barley 2011