Would you love to be able to communicate with animals easily?

Perhaps you can't afford to sign up for the tutor supported Animal Communication Diploma course and are looking for a low cost alternative. Not by any means of lesser standard, this Animal Communication handbook will give you all the tools that you need to get started on your journey as an animal communicator.

You will learn how to initiate a communication session and handle blockages as they arise. You will read stories of communications with animals and learn what important things they have to tell us.

There are many simple exercises which can be practiced daily and lots of tips and techniques to help you to progress your telepathic communication with other species.

Learning how to communicate with animals is simply a process of unfolding deep ancient wisdom from within. We all have the ability to communicate with other species but, in today's modern times, we have forgotten how to access that information. But, it's still there and it is surprisingly easy to tap into it once you know how.


Read the delightful, warm-hearted stories of wonderful animals have have communicated with us humans, and learn how to help animals through illness, transition to death and through behavioural issues. Learn how to deepen the bond with your own animals and how communicating with animals is healing for them.

Sold Internationally for many years, this handbook, which is over 60 pages, has become a popular resource for the budding animal communicator.

There is no tutor support with a handbook but should you require further help, a mentoring service is available by phone or Skype. Please see coaching page for details


The E-book is in PDF format which is easily downloadable. Once paid for you will be sent a link with a password and username. Within minutes you will be able to download your Animal Communication handbook and print if off as you wish

Online Price - £24.95

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The course is delivered in PDF format. Most PC's have Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader as standard.
If you do not, then please go to www.adobe.com to download this for free



    What's in the Animal Communication Handbook?
Expectations of self
Letting go of the ego
Self doubt
How are you going to connect
How energy works
Chakras & their meanings
Opening & closing the chakras
Opening to the communication channels
Reasons for difficulties
Communication exercises
Asking for help
How we know the animal is listening
Visual indications
Asking an animal to stop an undesirable behaviour
Day to day discussion
Being fair

Communication as healing
Life changing decisions
Advanced techniques for increasing energy
Developing confidence
Positive thinking
Distance communication
Looking after yourself
Temperament theory
Effective communication with owners
Other complementary therapies
Uk Veterinary Act
paperwork & Accounting
Marketing your practice
Continual professional development
Reading suggestions

Online Price - £24.95

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You will be emailed with simple download instructions shortly after purchasing
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