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Jan is a Positive Mentoring Coach. She works one to one with clients who have a desire to make positive changes in their lives. She qualified as a Life Coach in 2004 and is experienced and fully qualified in:-

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Stress Management
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Temperament Theory
Emotional Intelligence
Stress Management
Life Coaching

Jan works with clients from all walks of life. She prefers to work with business clients, helping them to shape and build positive mindset control and utilising practical mentoring for business growth. Jan is an uplifting person to work with and she helps many clients to find their passion and purpose and then assists in creating the building blocks for long term growth. She is straight-talking and intuitive and will keep you on track to achieve your wants in life and business.

Jan is UK based and will work face to face or on the phone, dependent on geographical location.


Jan Says 'Coaching is a dynamic model for growth when applied correctly. Blending mentoring and coaching is an aid to helping clients that may be stuck. I was trained to always throw back the question to my clients when they ask for my opinion but, after I tried that for a year, it felt pretentious and unhelpful. I experienced a difficult time in my life for a while and, for sure, that coaching model did not work for me. I needed, at times, someone to reflect back to me and guide me. Thankfully, I found a coach that worked in the same way and she was able to move me forward quite quickly.

We are all, on some level, struggling. It may be with finances, health, relationships, business, self-confidence or whatever is important to you at this time. As long as we connect on an understanding level, then I know I can help anyone who wants to be helped'

Contact Jan on 0800 634 3320 to arrange a short assessment consultation
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