Most animals love healing. From tiny budgies to large dogs or livestock like cows and sheep, there are few animals that are not receptive to the energy of healing. Learning how to work with the healing energy with animals is relatively easy and can soon be implemented into your daily practice.

Read many wonderful stories of animals that have been saved from the brink of death and animals that have received healing during their transition to 'the other side', a surprisingly beautiful process that helps the animal to find peace in the moments preceding death.

Learn how to connect and bond with animals in a much deeper and meaningful way and how to work with healing energy to release past issues, allowing the animal to greater enjoy his life living with us in this world.

For those that would like to start an animal healing practice, you will learn the practicalities of healing, including the legalities and insurance requirements {UK}

Learn how to connect with wild animals and notice how wild birds are not as afraid of you as they were before. Increase your energy vibration to such an extent that all animals begin to gravitate towards you.

In the Animal Healing handbook, you will learn how to tap in to the universal energy and channel this energy into working with the animals.


The book details a vast range of topics including useful techniques for working with animals

Subjects covered are: -

Connecting to a higher source
Emotional connection
Visual indications
Breathing & visualisation techniques
How long to give healing
Trusting your intuition
When to give healing
When not to give healing
Animal Chakras
How many sessions
Completing the session
Clearing yourself and the animal
Things you may experience during healing sessions

What to do if the animal is resisting
What to do if the animal will not accept healing from you
Coping with owners
Questions for the owners
Positive thinking

Listening to the animal
Case studies

Increasing your confidence
Developing your senses
Working with rescue animals
Distant healing
Consent forms & Veterinary Act
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