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It’s Monday morning. The alarm has just gone off. Maybe its 6am or 7am, whatever time it is, you roll onto your back and feel that familiar feeling of dread in your stomach. Can you face the rest of your life doing work that sucks the joy out of your soul, a job that doesn’t call out to your higher being? Maybe you don’t hate it, but do you occasionally think ‘there has to be more to life than this’

We aren’t saying that working for yourself is easy, and you don’t always make as much money as perhaps you are earning now. But, the joy of being able to make your own decisions, plan your own days and choose your own clients is worth any amount of challenges that might occur along the way.

Let’s hear it from Sally

“I had been working in a corporate environment, in human resources. I’d been doing this for well over twenty years and I was miserable. I used to enjoy it, but as cutbacks forced more work to be given to less staff, everyone was stressed. I started having really bad migraines and feeling nauseas all the time. I also found myself with a short fuse. One day, at home, I lost the plot big time and frightened my children. My husband took me on one side and said ‘this has to stop, you are not yourself. What happened to that happy, fun girl that I married? I want to see her again. If you are really that miserable, quit your job and go work in a supermarket or something. Just do anything that stops you being so unhappy”. Of course, I yelled at him and told him to mind his own business, but I knew he was right.

I went to the doctors and got a couple of weeks off work with stress. The company didn’t like it, they thought I was making it up, but I needed the time to think about what I was going to do. I remembered how much I used to love meditating and I had attended meditation classes many years ago. I did some research on the internet and found that there was no one local to me offering classes. Initially I was looking to attend a class and then I thought ‘why don’t I do it, train to become a meditation teacher and run my own classes?’

I ran the idea past my husband and he thought it was worth a go, through wasn’t sure I could make an income from it. Anyhow, long story, but I went online and browsed through a lot of courses. I tend to trust my instinct and found a shortlist of two that I liked. I emailed both of them and Jan was the first to reply, actually the other one never responded at all. I asked lots of questions and she put my mind at rest, so I signed up for the monthly subscriptions. Jan encouraged me to get dug in and complete as quickly as I could. Thankfully, I am that sort of person. I went back to work, did the course and finished it within three months.

What I loved about the course work was that, as you learn, Jan asks you to actually put classes together as part of your course assignments. One of the assignments asks that you find a venue and visit it, get prices and check availability. I found a lovely, quiet place quite near me, booked a couple of dates to run for six weeks and started putting posters and flyers out in local shops. I couldn’t believe it but I had my first six week beginner class full within forty eight hours.

That was two years ago and I have never looked back. I went part time at my job within six months and shortly after that, I quit! That day was a mixture of total joy and abject fear at the same time, but I never regretted it.

I did Jan’s Shamanic Practitioner course six months after the Meditation Teacher course because people were asking about connecting to Shamanic healing and meditations. I also trained as a Reiki healer. Both of those therapies super boosted my practice. I don’t make a ton of money, but I make a comfortable living from it, and I love that I can plan my own time. On birthdays or special days, I can take the day off and, when our beloved dog had an accident, I was able to structure my work around looking after him as he recovered.

I run three levels of classes that are ongoing and have two corporate clients who pay me really well for bi-weekly relaxation sessions. Doing the course was the best thing I ever did for my life and I would recommend Jan’s courses to anyone. They are in-depth and stretched me to really think about my own being and how it would apply to my work as a Meditation Teacher."


JB College is run by Jan Barley who will be your tutor for the duration of your course. Jan has many, many years’ experience in practice and has put all of that knowledge and experience into providing a small range of excellent distance learning courses.

The exciting thing about distance learning is that you can start RIGHT NOW without the risk of giving up your job. You can study in your own time, and gradually build your skills as you learn. We have made it easier for you financially by offering you a pay monthly subscription for the duration of your course. We believe that our courses represent the best value for an online distance learning course provider, and we have deliberately kept our prices highly competitive. We understand that it can be financially challenging when most courses online are asking for almost £400.00. We believe that a fair price for a course with great value is what you are likely to be looking for and we endeavour to hold up our part in that relationship with you.

We have been providing online courses for many years and will guide you every step of the way on your journey to self-fulfilment. We believe that, once you make a decision to do something positive for yourself, the universe takes care of the rest. If you have found your way to this page, we feel it is because this is where you are meant to be. What happens now is up to you, see the signs and take the steps or walk away and wonder ‘what if’

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YOUR TUTOR - Jan Barley

  • Horse Healer & Animal Communicator
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Stress Management Consultant
  • Life Coach
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Temperament Assessor
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
  • Self employed therapist for 25+ years

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